Artist Residency & Exhibition, “Venice Art House” – VENICE (IT)


“Scenes from a Personal Utopia” | Venice Art House, VENISE (IT)

21. 02. 2016 >> 28. 02. 2016

Résidence d'artiste & exposition, dans ce beau palais vénisien Ca Zanardi, en présence de 4 autres artistes étrangers.

30121 VENISE (Italie)


/ “Scenes from a Personal Utopia” | Venice Art House, VENICE (IT)

21. 02. 2016 >> 28. 02. 2016

Residency Ca Zanardi & exhibition, in this beautiful venitian palace Ca Zanardi, with 4 other foreign artists.

30121 VENICE (Italy)

Artist Residencies & exhibition

We live in a world of political tensions, shifting values, environmental crisis and war. Constantly bombarded by an agenda driven media, it is here that we find ourselves inundated by images, sounds, and emotions that influence and shape every aspect of our daily lives.

Where does one find refuge from this ?

In hopes of answering this question we have set the theme of the Venice Art House’s 2016 residency as “Scenes from a Personal Utopia”.

Where does one find their “Personal Utopia” ?

Where does one find balance and harmony. A place where the world makes sense, and if for only a moment you can let down your guard, feel at ease and know that you are exactly where you belong.

But whether it is someplace real, or someplace imagined. Whether it is a person, a thing, or a state of mind “The Personal Utopia” is a concept that transcends the everyday and the mundane. Venice exists on a sort of temporal border.

An event horizon where “Long ago and Right Now” converge. It is preserved and maintained with one foot firmly planted in it’s long rich history, and the other resting on an uncertain future brought about by environmental issues and global politics…

We think there is no better place to explore the concept of a “Personal Utopia” then in this incredible city that exists on the border between two different realities.