Exhibition, Oboem post art – BORDEAUX (FR)


Oboem affiche l'art  !

Exposition des affiches d'art, du 18 au 31 octobre 2017 - BORDEAUX

Retrouvez dans les rues de Bordeaux, "abris-bus" et "sucettes", des affiches de l'oeuvre "Tropika Dream" et des autres artistes participants, sur des emplacements publicitaires.

Grâce à Ôboem, (une plateforme de mécénat participatif), vous pourrez acheter des reproductions, et ainsi embellir la ville !

Voici l'affiche, et le plan de Bordeaux pour voir les autres emplacements.


Oboem post art !

Exhibition 18 > 25 october 2017 - BORDEAUX

Find in the streets of Bordeaux, "shelters-bus" and "lollipops", posters of the work "Tropika Dream "and other participating artists, on advertising spaces.

Thanks to Ôboem, (a platform of participative sponsorship), you can buy reproductions, and so embellish the city !

Here is the poster, and the plan of Bordeaux to see the other locations.


Plan des affiches dans Bordeaux


Tropika Dream reproduction



Exhibition, “Le Chemin des Ateliers” 2017 – POITIERS (FR)


Le "Chemin des Ateliers" | Poitiers

16. 17. 18. juin 2017, de 15 à 20 H

C'est un collectif d'artistes, qui s'organisent une fois par an pour ouvrir ensemble leurs atelier au public, pendant un week-end. 

Selon la traduction, un VERNISSAGE collectif aura lieu :

le mardi 13, à partir de 18 h 30, à :

la Regratterie, 80 rue Jean Mermoz, à Poitiers.

Il donnera lieu à la vente de petits formats originaux, au prix unique de 10 €, au profit d'une association ("Les amis des femmes de la Libération"). 


The "Way of Studio" | POITIERS (FR)

16. 17. 18. June, from 15 to 20 H.

It's a collective of artists, that get organized once a year to open together their workshop to the public, during a weekend.

According to the translation, a collective VARNISHING will take place :

Tuesday, 13, from 6:30 am, in:

Regratterie, 80 kicks Jean Mermoz, in Poitiers.

It will give rise to the sale of small original works, to the 10 € price, for the benefit of an association (" The friends of women of the Liberation ").



Exhibition, “Art Up Deco” Gallery – PARIS & LYON


Exposition permanente |Galeries Art Up Déco  PARIS & LYON (FR)

Je suis ravie de cette collaboration. Vous pourrez retrouver mes oeuvres en permanence dans les deux galeries de Paris et Lyon.

Art Up Déco - 75012 PARIS : 39, avenue Daumesnil (dans la cour antérieure)

Art Up Déco - 69001 LYON : 59 quai St Vincent



/ Permanent Exhibition | Art Up Deco Galleries, PARIS & LYON (FR)

I'm delighted with this new collaboration. You could find my works permanently, to the two galleries in Paris and Lyon.

Art Up Deco - 75012 PARIS

Art Up Deco - 69001 LYON



Artist Residency & Exhibition, “Venice Art House” – VENICE (IT)


“Scenes from a Personal Utopia” | Venice Art House, VENISE (IT)

21. 02. 2016 >> 28. 02. 2016

Résidence d'artiste & exposition, dans ce beau palais vénisien Ca Zanardi, en présence de 4 autres artistes étrangers.

30121 VENISE (Italie)



/ “Scenes from a Personal Utopia” | Venice Art House, VENICE (IT)

21. 02. 2016 >> 28. 02. 2016

Residency Ca Zanardi & exhibition, in this beautiful venitian palace Ca Zanardi, with 4 other foreign artists.

30121 VENICE (Italy)


Artist Residencies & exhibition

We live in a world of political tensions, shifting values, environmental crisis and war. Constantly bombarded by an agenda driven media, it is here that we find ourselves inundated by images, sounds, and emotions that influence and shape every aspect of our daily lives.

Where does one find refuge from this ?

In hopes of answering this question we have set the theme of the Venice Art House’s 2016 residency as “Scenes from a Personal Utopia”.

Where does one find their “Personal Utopia” ?

Where does one find balance and harmony. A place where the world makes sense, and if for only a moment you can let down your guard, feel at ease and know that you are exactly where you belong.

But whether it is someplace real, or someplace imagined. Whether it is a person, a thing, or a state of mind “The Personal Utopia” is a concept that transcends the everyday and the mundane. Venice exists on a sort of temporal border.

An event horizon where “Long ago and Right Now” converge. It is preserved and maintained with one foot firmly planted in it’s long rich history, and the other resting on an uncertain future brought about by environmental issues and global politics…

We think there is no better place to explore the concept of a “Personal Utopia” then in this incredible city that exists on the border between two different realities.



Art Fair, “Art 3 F” – MULHOUSE (FR)


Salon "Art 3 F" | Mulhouse

(Salon d'art contemporain international)

13. 14. 15. novembre




"Art 3 F" fair | Mulhouse

(International Art fair)

13. 14. 15. november





Art Fair, “La Belleviloise” – PARIS (FR)


Salon "La Belleviloise" | PARIS

(Salon d'art abordable, contemporain, international)

27. 28. février et 1 mars

75018 PARIS



Art Fair "La Belleviloise" | PARIS

(Contemporary international affordable art fair)

27. 28. february and 1 st march

75018 PARIS




Artist Residency & Solo Exhibition, “L’Ecloserie” – LA FLOTTE (FR)


Résidence d'Artiste & exposition | L'atelier "L'Ecloserie” - LA FLOTTE EN RE

07. 07. 2014 >> 20. 07. 2014

15 jours de création intense dans l'île inspirante de Ré, avec exposition et de belles rencontres avec le public.

17630 La Flotte En Ré


Artist Residency & Exhibition | “L'Ecloserie” Studio - RE ISLAND

07. 07. 2014 >> 20. 07. 2014

15 days of intense creation in the inspiring island of Ré, with exhibition and beautiful encounters with the public.

17630 La Flotte En Ré




Exhibition solo, LB13 gallery – LIMOGES


Exposition Solo | Galerie LB13 - Limoges

17. 12. 2013 >> 15. 03. 2014

Galerie LB13

13 boulevard Louis Blanc



Solo exhibition | LB13 Gallery - Limoges (FR)

17. 12. 2013 >> 15. 03. 2014

Galerie LB13

13 boulevard Louis Blanc